The vest - the ultimate garment! If it's sunny but windy you can wear one of our thin vests as a last layer, just to stop the wind, but if it's really chilly outside you can wear one of our padded vests under the jacket as an extra layer.
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Abacus is talking a lot about something called "hybrid" - but what exactly is that? 
When it comes to golf apparel, it's often crucial to have a windproof and warm section around the torso to keep the cold at bay. But at the same time, flexibility is needed over the arms (when it comes to jackets) and along the sides to swing the club with full range of motion and power. This is where the hybrid comes into play.
By combining different fabrics and techniques, the hybrid enables both warmth and freedom of movement. The windproof section around the torso keeps you warm and protected from the elements, while the more flexible fabric over the arms and along the sides allows you to swing freely without restricting your mobility. It's the perfect balance between function and comfort that makes the hybrid an indispensable choice for golfers looking to perform at their best, regardless of weather conditions. Learn more about our hybrids here.

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