Abacus Sportswear AB terms & conditions

1. General

Abacus Sportswear AB (556437-5714) only enters into agreements with adults (18 years of age). If you are a minor, a guardian's permission is required. You need to be registered in Denmark. Agreements are concluded in English and we deliver within Denmark. An agreement is concluded when you choose to put an order at checkout.

The prices include VAT at 25%.

We reserve the right to, in the event of obvious errors, e.g. price or printing error, to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you can of course cancel your order free of charge. We also reserve the right not to carry out an order if, for example, the product is out of stock or in case of technical problems.

All goods remain the property of Abacus Sportswear AB until full payment has been received by the company. Abacus Sportswear AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.

When you place an order with us, you agree to our privacy policy.

A login to "My pages" is automatically created. There you can, for example, see your order history.

2. Delivery
The delivery time is 1-3 working days. Sometimes it happens that one of the goods you ordered is not in stock and is back listed, i.e. we reserve for final sale. If your order cannot be shipped on time, you have the right to cancel your purchase.
Shipping cost is 49 DKK. If you order amount is over 700 DKK, we offer free shipping.
If an order has already been packed and sent from our warehouse, we can’t change or cancel your order, so please review your order thoroughly before placing it so that it is correct.
If your package and/or contents are damaged in transit when you receive them, report it immediately at the location (the Service point). If packages are lost during transport, you must notify our customer service within a reasonable time (1 months).
We will send an order confirmation to the email address you provided. When the order is ready to be shipped, you will receive another email with the tracking number. Keep in mind that the tracking number is not searchable for 24 hours, so please have patience.
2.1 Method of delivery
At the moment we only send parcels with DB Schenker in Sweden, and then in Denmark it change to GLS so your package will be delivered to one of their pick up points. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a service point yourself, but GLS sorts by your postcode and choose the service point closest to you. See what service point that are close to you by entering your postcode - click here.
When your order has arrived at its service point, you will receive a notification. It is therefore important that your mobile number is correct at the time of ordering.
To pick up your package, you must be able to show valid identification. For collection by someone other than the recipient, bring both your and the recipient's identification.
Wondering where your order is? Track it here.
In the event of any delivery delays or final sales, you will be notified. If you are not satisfied with a new specified delivery date, you always have the right to cancel your order free of charge. We cannot offer any form of compensation due to a delivery delay or final sale.
2.2 Not collected package
A package stays at the service point for 14 days. This time cannot be extended. Packages that are not collected will be charged 250 DKK to the customer. This is due to administration fees, shipping costs, packaging, etc.
Abacus Sportswear AB does not redirect packages. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to change the recipient's name or contact details after the package has left our warehouse.

3. Payment
In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoice, direct payment and MobilePay as paying methods in our webshop. If you have any further questions or concerns, please call Klarna on 69 91 88 81. You read more about Klarna here.
The payment transactions are handled by our payment partner Klarna to ensure fast and secure payment. Klarna meets the requirements for PCI-DSS. Abacus Sportswear AB never saves your card information. All information is sent encrypted. Abacus Sportswear AB handles personal data in accordance with the Danish Personal Data Act (Act on Processing of Personal Data).
In the event of late payment (if you have chosen invoice as payment), a reminder letter will be sent with a fee of 100 DKK. If payment is still not received, a debt collection notice will be sent with an additional fee.
4. Right of withdrawal
You have the right to return or exchange your items for any reason, provided you notify Abacus Sportswear within 30 days from your order date. When returning goods must have been handled to a greater extent than was necessary to determine the goods' properties and function, the consumer compensates us for the possible reduction in value that has occurred. The extent of the reduction in value is determined by Abacus Sportswear AB.
The right of withdrawal can be used provided that the product is returned with intact labels and in the original packaging that comes with the product. Abacus Sportswear AB has the right to refuse the return if the garment hasn’t been handled with care.
Any discount used cannot be transferred to other goods.

4.1 Return
You can return products within 30 days from the date of your order, as long as the product/products not are used, and every label and hangtag are intact. To return one/several items to us, please email your order number and contact details to webshop@abacussportswear.com. We will get back to you with a valid return shipping label. Abacus Sportswear does not redeem parcels against cash on delivery. A return shipping fee of 49 DKK will be added.
4.2 Replacement
You have 30 days to purchase from the date of your order. If you wish to change the color or size of an item you bought from us, we ask you to place a new order. Send back the product you wish to exchange, as described under heading 4.1 Return, to receive a refund/adjustment of the invoice and then place a new order for the desired size or color. When you contact our customer service at webshop@abacussportswear.com, please enter your new order number to receive free return shipping on your return. If you wish to change to a completely different item/model, this is treated as a normal return, read under the heading 4.1 Return, and a shipping fee of 49 DKK will be added.
In the event of an incorrect shipment, you can choose between getting a new item (the right one) or a full refund. You will get a valid return label from us so you can send the wrong item back to us and, of course, no shipping fee will be charged.
All returned goods must be carefully packaged to avoid damage to the goods. You as the customer are responsible for the transport risk back to Abacus Sportswear AB.

4.3 Complaint
If you claim your item due to damage or faulty production, we will make a manual assessment and possibly request the garment if necessary. Normal right of complaint is usually three (3) years, a detected fault on a product must be reported to us within a reasonable time, that is, as soon as it was discovered or should have been discovered. This is considered to be within two (2) months from the time the discovery was made. Defects that are discovered within six months after the goods have been delivered are assumed to have been present at the time of delivery unless otherwise indicated. If the fault only becomes apparent later, you as a consumer must be able to prove that the fault already existed upon delivery, that is to say that it was an original fault with the product.
Tell us what's wrong and email a picture to webshop@abacussportswear.com and we'll help you further. When we have registered your complaint, we will get back to you as soon as possible with information whether the complaint has been approved or not.
The first commitment in the event of a complaint is to rectify the fault. If this does not work and the complaint is approved, we will replace you with a new product.
If we are unable to replace you with a similar item, you have the right to cancel the purchase and have the money refunded.
Reimbursement normally takes place within 14 working days from the time we receive and approve your return. We can only make refunds through Klarna - in the same way and to the same account that was used at the time of purchase.
5. Assortment
Abacus Sportswear AB reserves the right to make changes to the assortment and has the right to remove items from the assortment before a purchase has gone through. We reserve the right to sell out any products in the range.
Abacus Sportswear AB reserves itself for possible printing errors in texts on this website. We also do not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the actual appearance of the products. Abacus Sportswear AB reserves the right to adjust prices and possible price errors.

6. Force majeure
Abacus Sportswear AB is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfill certain obligations according to this agreement, if the failure is based on an exculpatory circumstance as described below and the circumstance prevents, hinders or delays fulfillment. Such as liberating circumstance shall be considered i.a. government action or omission, new or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes authority decisions that affect the market and products negatively, e.g. restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.
7. Dispute
Complaints or comments regarding Abacus Sportswear AB's services or products should be communicated to Abacus Sportswear AB's customer service via email webshop@abacussportswear.com.
8. Contact
Abacus Sportswear AB
Beragården 431
247 94 Dalby
Exchange: +46 46 - 20 10 20
Customer Service: webshop@abacussportswear.com
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