Norges Golfforbund

NGF - Norwegian Golf Federation


Abacus and Norway’s Golf Federation have entered into a four year agreement for the sponsoring of representation clothing for the Norwegian national teams, volunteers and staff from 2010.

Abacus will develop a collection specifically for the players and juniors on the national teams. In total there will be around 70 players dressed in Abacus clothing during the coming years.


”Functional clothing is important to be able to represent and perform optimally on the golf course, especially in our Nordic climate.” Says Geir Ove Berg, general secretary of Norway’s Golf Federation ”That is why we are extremely pleased about this partnership, and we are convinced that Abacus will be central in assisting our athletes and partners in the coming years".


Norway’s Golf Federation (NGF) is the third largest individual sport federation within Norwegian sport, with more than 125 000 members from 190 golf clubs. The federation facilitates golf activity for children, young people and others.
The NGF is also responsible for elite sports ventures for Team Norway, Team Future as well as age specific classes. The federation reports to the Norway’s governing golf organisation, which comprises of representatives from the country’s golf clubs.

”With this partnership we are strengthening our association with the NGF and we believe that it will lead to a real boost on the Norwegian market for Abacus.”

Says Sven-Olof Karlsson, Managing Director Abacus.