Abacus ambassador Dae sup Kim makes a good start on KPGA

For start of KPGA tour “Dongbu” tournament pro-player Dae sup Kim is in lead of 1st round.

From Gyenggi-do Pochun Montvert golf club on 21st Dae sup Kim played no bogey and 8th birdie. 8th under par is course record title.

Past years Dae sup Kim was in a down ward. From start of amateur he managed to get two 1st places in total of 10 competitions but at the start of 2012 KPGA he had not won once. Just last year being top 10 twice was all the title he had. He said “The past year was hard for me. I practiced as if it was my last year”. In 2012 he won this tournament after fifteen days from military. 

Dae sup Kim started on 10th hole and from 12th hold as 3m birdie (Par 5) to 15th hole made continuance birdie. Adding 4 birdie at second half. As his title being “remarkable being on short game” even when he missed green he came back by an approach shot.


Last year KPGA tour 4th place Yoon chul Jun made 7 under par as second place. Even this tour is his third time he played patiently as rookie. He had no birdie but 7 bogeys.

Dae hyun Kim made third place as 6 under par 9 birdie and 3 bogeys. He started at 10th hole first half made under 4. On second half starting 2nd hole to three more holes he made birdie as leading leader. But on 5th hole (Par 4) he made bogey and 6th hole (Par 5) made out of bounce on tee shot. But his only far from lead by only two.

Far swing Dae hyun Kim change his play swing far distance to accurate. He said proudly “I change swing to stick and still by giving adress to left foot. Distance have shorten by 10-15 yard but accuracy increased.”

Dong sup Mang, Hyung Jun Lee, In chun Hwang are under 4 makes 8th place. Last year 1st place In haw Huh is over par 6 made 144 out of 150. He start as 3 birdie but made 1 double bogey and 7 bogey. He also made two out of bound and putting wasn’t good. He said” putting didn’t feel right. So as I’m making new putting style test it made effect on shots.”

Because of morning rain and heavy fog tournament have delayed 5 hours. Morning group finished play but afternoon group wasn’t able to finish it. Rest of game will continue on 22nd. It will broad cast on JTBC 11am.


This article and translation comes from http://news.joins.com

Image is from KPGA